In accordance with the emergency directive put in place by Governor Steve Sisolak for the state of Nevada in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our north campus with Pastors Oscar & Marianne Rangel will temporarily cease holding services at the Walnut Rec Center until the facility allows our church to resume services with our families & friends.

We faithfully believe we will reopen the north campus for service again soon, but in the meantime we encourage you to join us for service at our main campus with Pastors Sonny & Michelle Martinez!

Regenr8 Church is committed to making sure that our church

remains a safe and healthy environment for you, your families & your friends! The cleanliness of our church facility is consistently maintained on a regular basis and we invite you to join us on our live-stream on Facebook to stay connected with us if you are unavailable to attend our services in-person during this time!

We love you here at Regenr8 Church and we shall continue

to be a family of believers who just love God!

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